[Hardstyle风格构造套件包+Serum/Sy1预置]Big EDM Hardstyle By Pherato 暂无演示
[Hardstyle风格构造套件包+Serum/Sy1预置]Big EDM Hardstyle By Pherato手机扫码预览

[Hardstyle风格构造套件包+Serum/Sy1预置]Big EDM Hardstyle By Pherato

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  • [Hardstyle风格构造套件包+Serum/Sy1预置]Big EDM Hardstyle By Pherato插图
    Hardstyle By Pherato’ by Big EDM is an amazing and powerful pack that you are going to want to get your hands on. Big EDM teamed up with Hardstyle producer Pherato who has created a selection of high quality atmospheres, claps, Construction Kits, presets, synth shots, melodic loops and so much more.
    The Construction Kits in Hardstyle by Pherato are packed with amazing information to review and learn from. Pherato has included all the stems from the Construction Kit preview as well as all of the MIDI & Presets from the stems included. This allows you to rebuild the Construction Kit from the pack using the stems, or even better to use the MIDI that is included to recreate the Construction Kits using your own drums, FX, presets and more.
    Pherato also included some amazing drum loops. Hardstyle is a complex genre in in the world of drum creation. He spent hours designing these kicks to fit that power-hitting sound that every Hardstyle kick has.
    Pherato included some fantastic melody loops that you can slap into your mix with ease. Add any amount or type of effects to the melody loops and spice up the already complex and beautifully rendered melody loops that will pump the sound of your track up.
    Big EDM are super excited to show you the talents of Pherato, so grab yourself a copy of this pack and create some unique Hardstyle tracks right away.
    • 3 构造套件 (MIDI & Presets Provided)
    • 39 Serum 预置
    • 17 Sylenth1 预置
    • 12 Atmos
    • 20 Claps
    • 30 Cymbals
    • 46 鼓 Loops
    • 15 Effects
    • 29 Kicks
    • 20 旋律 Loops
    • 20 Percussion
    • 20 Snares
    • 14 合成音色 Shots

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