Spitfire Audio SOLO STRINGS Kontakt 喷火独奏弦乐 暂无演示
Spitfire Audio SOLO STRINGS Kontakt 喷火独奏弦乐手机扫码预览

Spitfire Audio SOLO STRINGS Kontakt 喷火独奏弦乐

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    A collection of virtuoso performers, playing soloistically in the Hall at Air Lyndhurst. This library is great for providing the soaring lines above the orchestra, cutting through, or for providing detail and extra humanity in your tracks by blending in with your other string libraries. The short articulations are incredibly punchy and tight, and the mic mixing facility enables you to tailor the sound from epic right through to indie.

    This library features the virtuosic skills of Andrew Haveron on Violin, Bruce White on Viola and Caroline Dale on Cello. These are three players you will have heard many, many times already whether in concerts around the world, on any recent Hollywood blockbuster recorded in the UK, or a raft of exceptional independent movie appearances and top tracks from a who’s who of pop and rock.

    Andrew who has played concerti with the LSO, BBC SO, Halle, and CBSO, was for 8 years the leader of the Brodsky Quartet but left to become leader of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and is currently the concert master of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia. He is the highest British prize winner at the prestigious “Paganini” competition for the last 50 years.

    Bruce White is a mainstay of the London session scene, regular leader of the Viola section, and has played on recordings with such artists as Florence and the Machine, Jess Glynne, Rudimental, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, James Newton Howard, Dido, Sting, Belle and Sebastian, Amy Winehouse, Peter Gabriel, Pixie Lott, U2, Cee Lo Green, Daft Punk… the list goes on endlessly!

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