THE Orchestral Grands – 柏林交响大钢琴V2.0 暂无演示
THE Orchestral Grands – 柏林交响大钢琴V2.0手机扫码预览

THE Orchestral Grands – 柏林交响大钢琴V2.0

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  • THE Orchestral Grands – 柏林交响大钢琴V2.0插图

    Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage (with orchestral positioning)
    Steinway D
    Steinway B
    Sustaining Grand
    Up to 4 round robins on sustains
    Staccatos with 6 round robins on Steinway D
    4 velocity layers
    Specifically designed for orchestral usage
    24,9 GB of samples (14,4 GB compressed)
    24Bit / 48KHz Patches
    Works with the free Kontakt Player or Kontakt 5.8.1 full
    The Orchestral Grands brings you two masterpiece Grand Pianos, the Steinway D and the Steinway B. Both are positioned for orchestral use and have been recorded at one of the best sounding scoring stages, the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin. These wonderful pianos are ready to bring wonderful additional colors to your symphonic compositions.
    We took great care about the placement of these instruments, capturing the marvelous acoustics of the stage in its wonderful depths and shimmering heights.
    Many round robins on sustains and staccatos will help you create more realistic results on rhythmic, percussive and repetitive passages.
    For more intimate and emotional situations, we are offering a processed emotional soloist grand. Carefully edited through a very special analogue chain (Chandler Zener Limiter, A-Design´s Hammer EQ, Electrodyn 501 preamps), the Sustaining Grand complements The Orchestral Grands collection in a very delicate way.
    Choose between the room mics (a Decca Tree with M50s), mid mics and very intimate close mics to fit The Orchestral Grands perfectly into your orchestral setting. The Sustaining Grand provides a single close mic position.
    The Orchestral Grands offers a huge range of different dynamic layers. 4 recorded dynamic layers + additional transition dynamics enable flexible and smooth dynamic performances.

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