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kiloHearts Toolbox Ultimate & Slate Digital bundle v1.8.23

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  • kiloHearts Toolbox Ultimate & Slate Digital bundle v1.8.23插图
    kiloHearts Toolbox Ultimate & Slate Digital bundle v1.8.23 CE-V.R
    Team V.R | 19 November 2021 | 1.11 GB

    Kilohearts工具箱最终包括所有snapin主机充分利用snapins您现在拥有。 体验在效果和主机插件之间的无限组合的灵活性!  


    在snapin生态系统之外,Kilohearts的所有其他插件仍然以某种方式支持模块化工作流(kHs one除外)。 这就是为什么kiloHearts创建了kiloHearts工具箱ULTIMATE,它给你他们曾经发布的一切,所以你可以得到你喜欢的创意。  


    探索数以百计的专业工厂预置通过这些插件由来自世界各地的各种专业预置制造者和艺术家(但主要是德国的一些侥幸)。 Just Phase Plant单独有超过400精心策划的预设开始你进入修改之前,并创建自己的。  


    具有每一个snapin可用,这个捆绑包有你覆盖的声音设计去。 创造性的效果和实用工具在一个伟大的混合得到你的灵感去。  


    随着使用越来越多的snapins,统一的表单语言开始使您的工作变得更轻松,因为您可以立即识别重复出现的组件和设计模式。 熟悉的界面将有助于加快您的流程,并且在每个DAW中完全相同地工作,这使得这些工具对于那些必须跨平台工作,同时与全球各地的美工和制作团队合作的专业人员来说是必不可少的。  

    Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE includes all the snapin hosts to take full advantage of the snapins you now own. Experience the flexibility of endless combinations between the effects and the host plugins!

    Moving outside of the snapin eco-system, all other Kilohearts’ plugins still support the modular workflow in one way or another (except kHs ONE). That’s why kiloHearts created the kiloHearts Toolbox ULTIMATE which gives you everything they have ever released so you can get as creative as you like.

    Explore the hundreds of professional factory presets throughout these plugins by various professional preset makers and artists from around the world (but mostly Germany by some fluke). Just Phase Plant alone has over 400 carefully curated presets to start you off before getting into modifying, and creating your own.

    Featuring every snapin available, this bundle has you covered as far as sound design goes. Creative effects and utility tools in a great mix to get your inspiration going.

    As you use more and more snapins the unified form language starts making your life easier, as you instantly recognize the recurring components and design patterns. Familiar interfaces will help speed up your process, and working exactly the same in every DAW makes these tools indispensable to the hardened professional that has to work across platforms while collaborating with artists and production teams around the globe.

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